Are you in the constant need of having new, awesome Stickers for Telegram? There are a few methods to obtain new stickers like our main Telegram Stickers Collection, but maybe you are simply searching for a way to find stickers directly inside the Telegram app for Android or iOS/iPhone.

The great thing about Telegram is that it has thousands of different sticker packs to choose from so everyone is able to find it’s way to communicate with others.


You may not know but inside the Telegram app you have the ability to search though hundreds of popular and trending stickers selected by the Telegram team. This build in feature helps keeping things simple while reducing the number of searchable sticker packs.

Here’s how you can search for new Stickers on Android and iOS:

  1. Open Telegram and go into a conversation, it can be with anyone
  2. On the bottom left corner tap on the sticker icon with a smile. This opens a popup with Recently used stickers and already installed stickers.
  3. Scroll down with your finger inside the Recently Used tab and a search bar will appear from the top.
  4. Inside this search bar type your search (like bear, cats, dog, Ariana Grande …) The search will show installed stickers with that keyword and scrolling down you will find new stickers. 
  5. Now click on the “add” button next to each sticker pack to add it to your library.

This method lets you find hundreds of selected and popular Telegram Stickers directly inside Telegram. 




There is another simple way to add new telegram stickers to your app. Whern you are texting with a friend and he sends you a sticker you like but you don’t have, simply tap on it and the Sticker pack popup will appear.

From here you can add the sticker pack or send a response sticker direcly into the conversation without having to add the entire sticker set.