Disabling the last seen on Telegram is a useful way to have a little more privacy while using Telegram. Disabling the last seen option prevents other persons from watching your last seen day and hour.


Why disable the last seen on Telegram?

Often, while using messaging apps like Telegram we want to maintain our privacy, especially private information. The last seen on Telegram can give useful information about the the person’s habits but can also harm people who use messaging apps at work at work.


How to disable last seen on Telegram

If you want to disable the last seen information follow this steps:

  • Tap on the menu key (the tree horizontal lines on top left corner)
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap on  “Privacy and Security”
  • Under privacy you will see the option ” Last Seen“, tap on it.
  • On this freshly opened page you are going to set your options.
    • Everybody
    • My Contacts means that only people in yur contacts list can see your last seen
    • Nobody means you don’t want anybody to see your last seen
  • You can also add some exceptions, for example you can show everybody your last seen except for a small group of people you choose from the contact list
  • On the top right corner a check will appear to save your changes.
  • You will need to press ok on the pop-up that will appear
  • You have successfully changed your last seen settings on Telegram!