With Telegram you have the ability to add stickers and use them in your chats and channels. But how do we add stickers to our telegram account? It’s really simple.

There are 3 different options on how to add stickers to Telegram: Using a link, using a sticker and creating your own sticker pack.


1)  To add a sticker pack using a link you will need to find a link. You can find them on Telegram Stickers Hub or you can find others searching on Google. Now that you have a link to add the sticker pack you just need to open it.  You will be redirected to telegram where you will see the entire sticker pack, to add this sticker pack to Telegram simply tap on add stickers.

2)  You can also add a new sticker pack using a sticker someone send you in a chat. You simply need to click on the stickers and then click on ” Add to stickers”. This will add the pack to your stickers pack library.

3)  Third option is to create your own sticker pack. To learn how to do it please read all the instructions in this page: How to create a sticker pack


This are the three different options on how to add a sticker pack to Telegram. If you are searching for stickers go to our Telegram Stickers Hub, or read our guide to create your own sticker pack.