Since 2016 Telegram gives you the ability to add stickers and use them in your chats and channels. There are now thousands of Telegram stickers you can add, and there are even animated telegram stickers

But how do we add stickers to Telegram? It’s really simple.

There are 4 different options on how to add new Telegram stickers: Using a link, using a sticker, searching on the app and creating your own sticker pack.

  1. Using a link:
    To add a sticker pack using a link you just need to find a Telegram Stickers Link and open it.  You will be redirected to telegram where you will see the entire sticker pack, to add this sticker pack to Telegram simply tap on “add stickers”. This works on all platforms, Android, iOS and Desktop version.
  2. Using a sticker:
    You can add a new sticker pack by using a sticker someone send you in a chat. You simply need to click on the single sticker and then click on ” Add to stickers”. This will add the pack to your stickers pack library.
  3. Search inside the app:
    You can now search for new telegram stickers and add them with a single tap directly on your Telegram app.
  4. Create your own sticker set:
    Another way of adding a new sticker pack is to create one. This is quite easy to do so use our custom stickers guide and have fun creating new telegram Stickers!


This are the four different options on how to add a sticker pack to Telegram. We hope you find this article helpful, if you have questions feel free to comment below!